Matrix Repatterning

Matrix Repatterning is a gentle, hands-on therapy that corrects acute and accumulated impacts and strains that cause restrictions of soft tissue, organs and bones at the cellular level. A Matrix Repatterning assessment determines the source area of the restriction or restrictions.

Once these areas of restriction are identified, a soft touch, non-aggressive, non-invasive treatment is performed to release the tension at the restrictions in the body. This occurs at the cellular level treating the body at the core of the problem.

Clients need only to wear comfortable or loose fitting clothing for treatment.

Matrix Repatterning is effective for treating chronic back, neck and shoulder problems, post-surgical conditions such as knee and hip replacements and concussions to name a few.
Experience has shown that previous broken bones in the lower body (thigh and shin) have led to restricted range of motion and /or other issues at the shoulder.

Feel free to watch this video of a three year unresolved broken bone treated with Matrix Repatterning that is healed within six treatments:

Our therapist Mike Grafstein would be happy to answer any questions regarding Matrix Repatterning.

Matrix Repatterning:

Initial Assessment:
-Initial 60 Minute Assessment: $100


Follow-up Treatment:
-45 minute treatment: $80
-60 minute treatment: $100